My First Hackathon: The Project

Hayley Smith
1 min readDec 21, 2020
Four screens showing the progression of onboarding flow for the dog’s profile
Onboarding flow: building the profile

Two weekends ago I did a hackathon through UX result with a few friends from my Flatiron design bootcamp. If you’re not familiar with hackathons they are basically events where you are working in teams to solve some sort of prompted problem over a given period of time. They can be coding hackathons, design hackathons, etc that occur over a certain period of time.

We chose the challenge of creating the onboarding flow for a smart dog collar, Bark (not a real product although there are a lot of smart dog collars out there). This collar is focusing on millennial dog owners living in urban environments, mainly helping dog owners have GPS tracking and health tracking features for their pup.

It was a really fun 10ish hours we spent looking at competitors, sketching ideas, wireframing, style guide-ing, and testing our concepts! We focused on making it fun, easy, gender-neutral, and taking abilities into consideration. We didn’t win but it was a great experience and a chance to flex our design muscles again in a really short amount of time.

Take a peek at our final submission